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Building a website, or hiring a Seattle web design team to do it for you, requires a lot of work, but more importantly, it requires a lot of important design decisions. Choosing what you want partially involves making decisions based on your brand and partially involves choosing what your customers expect and want to see. These top 10 web design trends include some of the best and most recent website technology that you can use to make your website look modern, appealing and easy to use.


1. Minimalism

Minimalistic websites are extremely popular for a number of reasons. While many people suggest that multi-page websites do best in search, they can be complicated and difficult to navigate for your readers. Taking a minimalistic approach, cutting out everything that you don’t need, and including more blank space than menus and headers, will ensure that the reader gets a great experience. If you need more pages for search, you can always install a blog.

2. Responsive Design

Mobile is here to stay, and in fact, it’s surpassed desktops in search volume. Unfortunately, mobile doesn’t come in just one screen size, so responsive design is here to stay. You want to optimize your site for slow internet on mobile devices, multiple screen sizes, and short attention spans.

3. UX/UI

Planning your user experience and user interface is something we should have been doing all along. It’s important that your Seattle web design team takes UX into consideration when designing your site.

4. Hidden Menus & Hamburger Menus

Hidden menus and hamburger menus get a lot of criticism, but they’re here to stay. They also help to prevent a cluttered mobile page because the menu is tucked neatly out of site. THey’re also common enough that almost everyone know what they are.

5. Large Images

Big Hero images and image backgrounds are extremely popular, but they have to be high resolution to extremely high resolution, and mainly monochromatic. Using an image as your background, or for most of the page, captures attention and keeps it, and is better than using a small banner.

6. Ad blocking

Ad blocking may not be a web design trend, but with 144 million ad blocker users, it’s here to stay. That means web designers have to create sites around users who could be blocking ads, which can be difficult for sites that make money off of advertisements.

7. UI Patterns

UI patterns are increasingly popular, because they allow you to create an entire user interface using an existing pattern, which makes it easier for consumers to use, and easier for the designer. Most importantly, each one can be tweaked and adjusted to create something completely unique, which is better for your business recognition.

8. Rich Animation

Rich animation, such as animations and illustrations, moving buttons, and animated anything on the website are back in style, and they haven’t been as popular as they are now since the days of Flash in 2012. They take a little bit more work, and they aren’t always a good idea (I.e. if a large portion of your traffic is mobile), but they can be exciting, fun, and unique.

9. Web Design Layouts

Long Scroll – Long scroll websites allow you to tell your entire story on a single page, and you can replicate the appearance of a multi-page website by dividing content into sections. This is also great for mobile users. If you’re worried about people not scrolling, don’t. It’s been proven that the trend of not scrolling below the fold is over thanks to mobile users having to scroll anyway.
Card – Card designs break the website up into smaller portions, which are easier for readers to digest, and can be rearranged to your preference on smaller screens.
Dynamic Grid – Think Pinterest. These sites are perfect for shops and anyone that relies on images or video, and work extremely well on mobile devices.

10. Video

From video headers to profile images to video backgrounds, video is becoming a huge trend in web design, and is set to keep growing for 2016. Like animation, you should be cautious with using it if most of your users are on mobile, but it can be powerful, creative, and interesting.
Web design trends are essentially what’s hip in the world of web design. If you want to know more, or get a quote on your website, contact Rory Martin, a Seattle web design company.


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