The Five Elements that Every Seattle Web Design Project Should Include

If you’re looking for a Seattle web design company then you have to decide what you want your website to include. While a good designer will be able to help you with the process, you might also want to already have a good idea of what you want and need to help with finding your own web designer. Here are a couple of elements that will help you with a local Seattle based business.

Seattle web design

Easy Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important elements of any website because it will make or break your exit rate. If you have an overly complex menu and navigation, or no search bar, then your visitors might have no way of finding what they’re looking for. If you’re trying to sell them things, that means that you’ve lost the sale. Keep your navigation simple, avoid too many sub-folders on your menus, and try to include a search bar in the sidebar or header of your website where it’s easy for visitors to find and use.

Mobile Design

Mobile friendly is the web design trend of 2014 and for good reason. More and more people are foregoing computers altogether and using mobile devices including phones and tablets to do their shopping, searching, and research. If your website isn’t easy to use and access on those devices, you’ll probably loose 20-30% of your potential traffic and sales.

Contact Form

You might not think a contact form is very important, especially not if you have a phone number up on your site but the truth is that a lot of people won’t want to or cannot call. For example, many people do the majority of their online searching after normal business hours. By including a contact form for those hours, you’re allowing anyone to contact you. Just make sure you check the email the messages are sent to and that you respond to them. If you want to go for extra points and you have the time to monitor chat during business hours, you can also choose to include a chat function, although this sort of addition is better for shops and restaurants that require reservations.

Google Maps Integration

Integrating a Google (or Bing) map directly into your website is a great way to make it easy for consumers to find you. Google Maps provide directions to and from the users location right on your site, so all they have to do is click. In fact, they can even print out or email the maps to their phone, and then just travel right to you. It’s probably not hard for you to see how this might benefit you as a business.


Seattle is known for it’s style. From sweeping streets and stately skylines to picturesque restaurants, Seattleites want to look good. If you want your local website to go over well, you have to make it stylish. Integrate same fonts, bold prints, large graphics, and most importantly, plenty of space into your web design and you’re setting yourself up for a beautiful and stylish website. Don’t hire a web designer who doesn’t have their own stylish site either.
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