The Vital Role of Web Hosting on Your Online Presence

If you’re thinking about setting up a website then you have to consider your web hosting as an important element of your site. Web hosting affects more than you might think as it influences your website speed, uptime vs. downtime, and even your SEO. While it might be tempting to simply choose the cheapest web host available, here are a couple of reasons why you should take your time, research, and find the best Seattle web host available. So how does your website hosting affect your site?

Speed – One of the most important factors of any web host package is speed. The faster your site loads the better, and for multiple reasons. The first is that many people believe that Google considers the speed of your website when choosing sites to bring up first in search. Fast websites obviously come up first while slower sites come in second, third, or on the next page. Another consideration is that studies estimate that you lose traffic if your website takes longer than a second to load. At 3.5 seconds, more than half of users have already hit the back button rather than waiting for it to load. In fact, a study by Google showed that traffic dropped by 20% when the load page of their sites was increased by just .5 seconds. Therefor you need a reliable host that loads your website as quickly as possible.

Reliability – While speed is an important consideration, uptime is also a very big concern. You most likely want a server with an uptime of 99% or more, so that your website stays online.  A good web host should have multiple backup servers so that your data stays safe and is protected during outages.

Location – Many people don’t consider the location of their web host but it is sometimes a good idea to work with a local host.  A local Seattle web host gives you easy access to your server, makes it easy to call a technician to ask for help, and might make updating and loading your website faster, especially if you get mostly local traffic. Sometimes the country location of the server matters as well because some countries have a larger reputation for spam than others, for example China, the Ukraine, and Russia are all hotspots for servers that also host spam sites. Going with a  local server helps you to avoid these issues.

Last but not least, you can always ask your Seattle web developer for advice on where to get your web hosting. Many, like Rory Martin, offer their own dedicated web hosting so that you can get full service web development, design, and hosting all in one place. Best of all, if your web host is provided by your web developer, you can trust that your site will be easily uploaded and set up for a single price, rather than you having to pay multiple companies. Generally your final choice should also depend on the pricing, packaging, and what is included as well as the factors that are listed above, so consider researching your options and choosing what is best for your website.


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