Top Five Web Design & Development Mistakes You Can Avoid

If you’re working on, or considering having someone build you a website, then you have to plan, consider what you want, and make decisions. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to make a couple of mistakes that will dramatically affect your website.  Once mistakes are made, they can be difficult to fix, so make sure you go at it right the first time. Here are five mistakes you don’t want to make with your Seattle web designer.

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#1 Not Making Plans  

Did you know that you should plan or decide what you want for your website before you hire someone? Decide on a goal that you want to achieve, and then hire your Seattle website designer. Chances are that you can also hire the same company to do your SEO and maybe even social, so that you can begin reaching your goals before you even launch your site. If you haven’t planned, none of that is possible.

#2 Making it Too Complicated  

One major mistake that many people make is wanting a website that is too complex. Sure it may be nice to add feature after feature, but most people don’t want tons of features. They want a smooth and easy to use website that runs as quickly as possible. Modern website design is all about speed and clean lines. Consider those factors as more important than most of the features your site could have. Of course, your website can still do plenty of things; just remember not to try to cram it all on the same page. Remember your web designers are the experts and they know what looks good!

#3 Forgetting to Communicate  

If you don’t talk to your website designer, they will have no idea what you want. Usually it is a good idea to sit down and talk about what you like and don’t like, or tell them about it as you go along. Communicating is the first step to getting exactly what you want so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Remember to explain why you do or do not like something, so that your designers have something to go on.

#4 Copying Your Competition  

One major mistake that many people make is trying to copy their competitors. Even though you are hiring Seattle website designers, your content should be very different from other Seattle websites. The idea is to stand out from the crowd, not get into a who-can-do-the-same-thing-better fight. While there are obviously some features that you will need, your goal it to point those out, and then find a way to make them stand out from your competitors. Once again, your web designer is the best place to look for ideas.

#5 Rushing Your Web Development 

Many people looking for custom web design want their website to go up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, while many web designers are fast, it’s never good to rush web development. If you absolutely must have your website up within one or two weeks, consider asking for a theme that you can launch until your custom design is finished. Why? Because a rushed website will never be as perfect as you, or the designer, wants it to be.


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