Web Design Layout Techniques That Work

Creating your website is about more than using code and pictures to create a final whole. If that were so, you could create your website yourself, or you could if you know code. But the real reason that prompts most people to hire a Seattle web design company is the fact that real web design is about creating a work of art that utilizes every bit of space and color to its best advantage. From layout design to text and images, every bit of your website is thoroughly thought about and designed. The following includes just some of the attention to detail that the web designers at Rory Martin in Seattle put into your website.


Your website design starts with the background. Studies show that a uniform color background allows text and images to be more readable, so that is the best place to start. While it is possible to use an image background, a simple solid color can provide much better results. Style also plays a factor in your web design. Studies show that light colors such as white and grey are associated with professionalism, while darker colors such as black are associated with modern and alternative. Most of the time subtle light colors such as white or grey, or a subtly patterned backgrounds show the best results. While you can use a standard white background, many businesses prefer to show a bit more personality and utilize subtle coloring in their background.

Consistency Provides Better Results

Another thing that you might notice about a website is that a consistent design will help to improve results. Consistency looks good which means that it looks professional. Most customers and readers appreciate professionalism which will earn you recognition for that professionalism. Importantly, you can use differentiation in a consistent website to make certain items stand out.

Large Images

Images help to draw attention, and keep interest, especially around blocks of content. Most experts recommend using large images combined with small blocks of text to tell your readers what you are about in as few words as possible. Short and sweet text combined with a visually rich website can create a great deal more impact than a long bland text with little to no visual impact. Your website should be about imagery as well as the written word so consider incorporating it with large photos, photo sliders, and other rich visual content.

Broken Grids Draw the Most Attention

An organized website on a grid layout can draw a lot of attention, but by slightly breaking up the grid, or highlighting one or two blocks from your grid, you can create a lot more visual impact, and change the way people look at your website. Organization is important and grids and broken grids are the easiest way to get there. Depending on website style and methods, either could be great for you. A couple of tips that can help with your Seattle web design include that smaller blocks of text create the most impact, large visual images are better than small pictures, and design and pattern matter. If you want to know what might work for your website, consider asking one of the Seattle web design pros at Rory Martin for a consultation and free estimate on your website.


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