What Your Web Design Really Says About Your Business 

There are more than 664 million active websites in the world and that number is rapidly growing each minute. In 2011 alone, website statistics nearly doubled, flooding the web with millions of new sites, all competing for the same thing, traffic. That growth continued into 2012, and is expected to grow even more throughout 2013. Local Seattle web development has been growing too; with more than 97,000 active businesses in Seattle alone, the number of local websites is literally enormous. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, or your website sends the wrong message, you could be losing out on that fight for traffic and customers.

Your website is like the cover to a book and like that book, people will judge you by its cover. From the colors to the design, your website gives your traffic an initial impression of what to think about you. A sloppy design will obviously send them running, while a thoughtful or spacious one might intrigue them.


Did you know that color is often used to represent an emotion, feeling or thought? For example, blue is used for honesty, courage, ocean, and calm. Bankers, lawyers, real estate agents, travel sites, and even doctors often use this color. Red on the other hand is linked with passion and fire, warmth, emotion, and creativity, but also with danger. Pink is linked with romance, love, cute, girls, motherhood and more. Yellow is linked to cheer, sunshine and children. If you haven’t considered what the colors on your site mean, you should definitely think again. Having an experienced web developer choose colors for your site based on brand image, and style might improve your public perception more than you think.


A sloppy design is obviously bad but did you know that a busy or overly cluttered one can send a band impression as well? Studies show that overly cluttered websites are often considered to be spam as this is a tactic spam sites often use. Go for simplicity and allow a smaller amount of content to have greater impact. If you have a lot of content, create multiple pages, don’t put your bio, an order form, and your company history right there on your home page.

Do you feature your products or information on the home page? If not, do first time visitors know what it is you sell? Unless you have a store or e-commerce site your home-page shouldn’t look like an order form, but it should let people know what it is you do, and why they want to click another page to make an order or to contact you.


Your content includes everything from your written content to photos on the site. As you might have guessed, these have a great deal of impact on what your visitors think about you. If you have grammar errors, overly stuffed keywords, or haven’t updated your content in years, you might have problem.

With photos, you should choose images that reflect your business and what you do. If stock photos are appropriate than you can by all means choose to go with these, but you might also want to consider hiring a photographer and having them capture images that are unique to you and your business. Seattle web development is on the rise and companies around the city are creating, updating, and managing their websites. If you want to compete, your website has to send the right message to your customers or clients.


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