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The new rage in the social media sphere is Pinterest – an online scrapbook where users can pin and share images in an easily customized way.  Users create boards inspired by their favorite topics or brands; using a “pin it” button from their toolbar, they can instantly share their inspirations to their network of friends.  Within moments, other users can pin that image to their board, creating a social network of image sharing and inter-linking.  Some of the best candidates for Pinterest’s vast network of sharing include wedding planners, digital designers, foodies, fashion lovers and interior decorators.

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Why is this good for a business?  Members use images from the web – and those images are often linked to the websites where the images originated.  But it’s not just all pretty photos – California restaurant chain Tender Greens uses Pinterest to showcase images of chefs at work, and the ways in which they plate catered foods.  Another example – retailers like Raymour & Flanigan or West Elm can show off catalogue shots featuring their designs, and users can talk back by showing those retailers inspirational images for their living spaces.  This gives businesses a chance to have a two-way visual dialogue with their customers.  Some businesses using Pinterest – such as Wedding Republic – have seen a 75% increase in traffic through Pinterest.

Users say they love Pinterest because it’s like getting magazines delivered straight to your desk, without adding clutter or cost.

How do you use Pinterest to promote your business?

Spend the time using the platform.  Like any social media site, you will not see results unless you can put in the time.  It takes constant interaction on any platform to keep your brand relevant.  Also build relationships with “Pinners” who have quality boards, and who post quality images.  Influencers who have a solid relationship with a brand are more likely to talk about that brand.

Keep it simple – cluttered boards are a surefire tactic to keep “Pinners” from NOT clicking on your page.  Mimic Pinterest’s uncluttered design, but be sure to include ONE link back to your site through each pinned photo.  Also, make sure your business is a good match for Pinterest.  If you sell pianos, make sure you can provide aesthetically pleasing imagery to “Pinners” who will use your images.  If you sell power sanders?  It will probably be difficult to see a return on your time investment using Pinterest.  And remember – don’t just promote yourself.  Social networking is about sharing a vast array of ideas.  Pinterest users are savvy when it comes to spotting boards that are too-self serving.  This means you must interact more than just promoting your own products.

If in doubt, try out a daily theme!  Come up with a theme or slogan and build themed boards around that, using at least 1 product from your homepage.  Be selective, be inspiring, and be creative.

Read the Terms and Conditions – Pinterest is based on pinning images, but make sure the images you’re adding are your own.  There could be ramifications to pinning copyright images.

And above all, remember to interact – Pinterest is built on a concept of networking, and networks all depend on connection.  Ensure you take a little time to build that connection with other Pinterest users.

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